Import your Facebook Calendar to Windows Live

Have you ever wished to have all your events and birthday reminders from your facebook calendar to your calendar in Windows Live? Thanks to fbCal with thefacebook help of which you can export your events and birthday reminders in facebook to your calendar in Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal and of course Windows Live. fbCal can export these in two separate calendar files in a friendly .ics format which can be imported in all the popular calendar apps. These calendar are up to date only to the time you exported them from facebook.

The .ics file exported from facebook with the help of fbCal can be used with both Windows Live Mail on the desktop, and Windows Live Calendar on the web. AllWindows Live Calendar you have to do is simply import the .ics file(exported with fbCal) through Windows Live Calendar on the web which will then automatically synchronize your calendar on the desktop with Windows Live Mail.

To do this:

Step 1: Go to and click on “Get your Calendars Now”.

Step 2: Now to export your birthday calendar from facebook, click on “Or download a copy here.” from “Subscribe to your friends Birthday” section of fbCal as illustrated from the screenshot below. You will have to first log into Facebook and give permission to fbCal to access information before you can download the .ics file.

Step 3: Now to import this calendar to Windows Live. Log into Windows Live Calendar and create a new Calendar. Give your calendar any name like “Facebook” and your new calendar will be created.


Step 4: Now select your newly created calendar and click on subscribe. Select “Import from an ICS file” and then browse the .ics file created using fbCal. Clicking on Import Calendar button will import all the birthday reminders from your facebook calendar to your Windows Live Calendar.


The best part is that the facebook calendar which you just imported to your Windows Live Calendar will be automatically synched to the desktop client i.e. Windows Live Mail as shown in the screenshot below:


Similarly you can repeat the above steps to import your facebook events calendar to your Windows Live too by selecting “Or download a copy here.” in Step 2 from “Subscribe to your facebook events” section of fbCal.