If You Want To Prove Apple Pencil Bendgate, You’re Going To Have To Try Very Hard [Video]

It seems like it’s fast becoming the norm for some to try and prove that almost any new piece of consumer technology today comes with built in structural vulnerabilities. When a new iPhone is released, bloggers and video creators try and bend it to see if it will deviate from its intended structural composition. When the new iPad Pro was released, those same people wanted to drop it to see if it would smash. And now, last week’s launch of the Apple Pencil has invited certain channel holders to try their very best to break the stylus, with little joy we might add.

Anyone who has used and interacted with the Apple Pencil will testify that not only is it an excellent piece of technology, but it’s also a design and visual treat, as well as being strong beyond its visuals. By this we mean that if you wish to purchase an Apple Pencil with the sole aim of destroying, then you’re going to need to try extremely hard to get past the fact that it is very well built.


When Apple initially launched the iPad Pro and dedicated Apple Pencil, there was a lot of general chatter around whether or not the protruding Pencil would just end up being destroyed given how it attaches externally to the iPad when initially pairing and charging. According to a new video, the reality seems to be far different then our mere apprehensions. As per the usual standard process of “let’s see if we can destroy this new Apple product”, this video producer did his very best to break the Apple Pencil but found it extremely difficult to do so, although it was eventually destroyed through sheer persistence.

Apple Pencil

A number of other manufacturers have attempted to go down the route of building an accompanying stylus for their hardware, but it’s Apple’s intention to try and take the Apple Pencil beyond just being a stylus. Those who have used and interacted with the Apple Pencil have predominantly had nothing but positive things to say about the experience and the power that it offers from an art and illustration perspective. Considering this is Apple’s first real attempt at building a product of this nature, it’s likely that we see a lot more going forward.

(Source: Zach Straley [YouTube])

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