How To Unblock Region Specific Hulu And Grooveshark Content On PC And Mac

Isn’t it annoying when you go to watch a video on Hulu, YouTube, or GrooveShark, only to realize that video has been blocked because you don’t reside in a supported region? It’s a pet peeve of many a streaming content fan, although that nagging issue may be no more, thanks to a browser extension by the name of ProxMate.

ProxMate works with both Google’s Chrome and Mozilla Firefox – the two foremost browsers in the game – and allows aforementioned content to be viewed without fuss. Like the name implies, ProxMate is a simple proxy which diverts your traffic, spoofing the site into thinking you live in a supported region or country.


You can customize ProxMate to set your own proxy servers up, and its certainly a handy tool to have in the inventory, should you run into any region-specific blocks. You can easily switch it off through the in-built toolbar for those times when you don’t particularly need it, meaning if you’re just wolfing through the many billions of internet pages, your browsing experience will not be slowed by running everything through a proxy.

For me, the problem solved by ProxMate occurs most frequently when I’m watching music videos on YouTube. I can sometimes get through three or four before that dreaded "not supported" message appears, bringing an abrupt end to my enjoyable, personalized radio. Thanks to ProxyMate, I hopefully won’t be experiencing any more of these issues, and if you wish to join me on this uninterrupted tour of the web’s rich content, then check the download link at the bottom of this post.

It’s certainly not the first extension of its kind, by any means, and the idea of using a proxy to slyly catch some of your favorite shows is also not exactly a new idea. Having said that, ProxMate slots into the browser nicely, and operates seamlessly.


It’s compatible with version 4 and up of Mozilla’s legendary Firefox browser, as well as Chrome 16 or higher, and to make things even sweeter, will not cost a cent of your hard-earned dollars. Grab it from the link below, and be sure to let us know how you find it by dropping a comment on our Facebook or Google+ pages.

Download ProxMate for Firefox and Chrome

(via LifeHacker)

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