How To Schedule Airplane Mode On iPhone To Toggle On And Off Automatically

Airplane mode is a great little feature of iOS. If you wish to sacrifice all connections for the benefit of saving battery, Airplane mode ensures your device can stay alive for as long as possible. But unfortunately, it is not possible to schedule this so, at times when your device is not / will not be in use, such as at night, you can save on battery life. Thanks to Cydia tweakster Zmaster, however, this is now a possibility, and his AirplaneScheduler tweak allows you to set your iOS device to flit in and out of Airplane mode depending on the times set by you.

In fairness to Apple, the Do Not Disturb feature, which was introduced in September with iOS 6, is pretty useful if you want to tone down the volume of calls and messages you may receive at any given time, only allowing the urgent / important correspondence to slip through the net. However, AirplaneScheduler is also useful to have in the locker, since, unless you’re accustomed to taking calls in the middle of the night, you can sleep a lot easier knowing that firstly, you won’t be rudely awoken; and secondly, that your device, should you forget to charge it, has been scheduled to retain as much juice as possible, so you will not be caught short the next day.

AirplaneScheduler 1

The rationale behind Airplane mode, as indicated by the name, is to put a device in a state whereby it’s safe to use on an airplane, but most of us partake in the pastime of battery saving than jet setting, thus it is more commonly used in instances of the former than the latter.

I know what you’re thinking: "why would I need to save battery at night, when I leave my device on charge anyway?" Well, if that’s your daily evening ritual, perhaps this tweak is not for you. However, some people like to leave their chargers at the office desk, while others are very forgetful, and for those folks, AirplaneScheduler could be a real lifesaver.


AirplaneScheduler is easy enough to use. Enable it from within the Settings app, set your "from" and "to" times (these are the times you want your device in Airplane mode), and you’re good to go. The tweak can be located over at the ModMyi repository, and costs $1.49. It works with every iOS device, provided it is running on the latest iOS 6 software.

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