How To Make A Do-It-Yourself iPhone Speaker System At Home For Free

Apple has made numerous improvements to the iPhone design over the years, ranging from vastly improved screen technology to a body that’s considerably thinner than its predecessors, but some aspects just haven’t improved much, if at all.

The main component that springs to mind here is the iPhone’s loudspeaker. While it is true that the speaker itself has gained a little volume over the years, it is still far too low of a volume to listen to properly when the room is anything other than silent. At its maximum volume, the sound distorts so much that it’s actually even more unlistenable. It’s just not great at all, especially when you pit it against some other high-end smartphones out there, such as the brand new HTC One M8.

iPhone 5s

Of course, that’s why there are so many speaker docks knocking around online stores and the local shopping mall, but they all need an extra expense that we could all live without. Thankfully there is an almost free option out there, and while we have a feeling it’s not exactly new, it’s come to prominence after Twitter user @nnnnnnnn tweeted about it.

We are, of course, talking about the infamous ‘kitchen roll speaker.’ And here’s what it looks like:


The premise is a simple one. Take a used kitchen roll’s inner tube and then cut a slit into it. That’s where your iPhone is going to sit. Next, attach a plastic cup to each end after a spot of scissor-work and voila, you have your own iPhone speaker. And the best part is, as we’ve already mentioned above: if you already have the things needed to make this contraption, then basically the speaker is free to make, if you see it that way.

It may not look like a million dollars, but it will certainly amplify the sound coming out of your iPhone’s speaker even if it doesn’t improve the quality of it. If you just need some added oomph to listen to that podcast though, this is a quick, easy and above all cheap way of ,along your iPhone louder.

It’s probably not going to put Belkin out of business any time soon, though.

If you do plan to make this makeshift speaker at home, then why not share photos with us in the comments section below?

(Source: Nate Cook [Twitter])

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