How To Encrypt Your iOS Chats With Emoji Characters

iOS has seen its fair share of encrypted messaging apps, specifically those offering a secret-agent like experience. If you’re an emoji fan, then this new messaging app with its emoji based encryption will not only keep your texts a secret from prying eyes, but chances are no one will bother looking much deeper into a message consisting of nothing but an expressive bunch of characters.

Enter – Secretmoji, the messaging app for iOS which disguises your texts – or chats – as a string of emoji characters. There have been similar messaging apps like OneOne and KakaoTalk, but of course the emoji magic is missing in there, and it gets too serious at times. Secretmoji’s best weapon, I believe, is how most prying eyes will take it for some kind of joke when they see your chats and move on.


The app does not require users to register via Facebook or a Twitter login, and yes that is a relief given how this trend is increasingly being taken up by many new apps. You will of course be required to choose a 4 character PIN code to boss the app around, and that too is based on four emoji characters, destroying your short lived ego boost.


As for decrypting messages, it’s a pretty straight forward deal from here onwards. To decode the messages, unless you speak solely in emoji, you will hit the padlock icon placed on the top right of the app, and consequently enter the PIN code (emojis) you chose earlier. “The cute-est + secure+est messenger since…telephone? passing notes in class? you get the point,” says the developer.


Effectively, the app is more of a fun and non-serious way of encrypting your conversations and is not feature packed for reasons that are as obvious enough as the very icon of the app itself. Am I poking fun at the app? Sure I am, but that’s what adds to the app’s appeal and I for one would be surprised if it does not catch up fast with the younger generation of iOS users.

Secretmoji is compatible with iOS 7, all the way up to the latest release of iOS 8, and is available from the App Store absolutely free.

(Download: Secretmoji for iPhone on the App Store)

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