How To Enable / Unlock Game Of Thrones Snapchat Filter [Limited Time Only]

Here’s how to enable or unlock Game of Thrones season 7 Snapchat filter on iPhone which is available for limited time only.

One of the wonderful things about Snapchat is its ever-changing augmented reality filters which instantly give account holders the ability to share Snaps and selfies of themselves appended with glorious facial decoration. Those filters on occasion also include tie-ins with popular brands and events, such as the latest Game of Thrones offering which allows users to turn themselves into a White Walker.

Any hardcore Game of Thrones fan would ideally love the ability to turn themselves into their favorite GoT character, but whilst that isn’t actually possible, it’s still impressive that Snapchat users can transform themselves into the icy undead with a simple filter implementation.

It’s also highly exciting because this new filter is actually only available for a limited time, likely due to upcoming season 7 promotions, and requires the user to enable it before it will actually show up. If you are a Snapchat user and do happen to be a huge fan of the worldwide HBO show, then you can activate the new limited edition White Walker filter by heading here on your smartphone with Snapchat installed. Once the filter is activated you will then have just 60 precious minutes to take as many selfies as you can with undead icy blue eyes before it actually deactivates and disappears forever.

Like most of Snapchat’s other filters, this one is activated by viewing yourself in the forward-facing camera and tapping on the display to bring the effects into view. Once it has detected the user’s face, it will ask for the mouth to be opened while the Game of Thrones music is playing. The effect then comes into full swing with icy mist emanating from the newly opened mouth and the detected eyes turning that mysterious dead blue color.

It’s also possible to use the rear camera to introduce a snowy landscape and White Walker into the actual environment as you look at it.

Remember though, this is a time limited filter, and will only be available for 60-minutes after you have clicked on the link to activate it. Make sure you get all of your selfies captured and saved to your device and make sure you get all of those White Walker Snaps sent before the filter expires.

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