How To Check If Your Wi-Fi Network Router Is Hacked

Did you know: apart from your computer, smartphone or tablet, your modem or wireless router is susceptible to being hacked as well? Head over the jump for further information, and a tool which can easily help you determine if your router has been compromised or not.

There are plenty of tools out there for computers to determine whether our stations have been hijacked or not, and then there are tools that make sure that nothing like this is possible on our machines, well for most of the time at least. Routers however, are equally vulnerable to the endeavors of a cyber criminal, and more so due to the negligence and lack of awareness on this matter. Since users don’t actually pay a lot of attention to the routers they’re connected to, a compromised hotspot could put them in a prolonged state of risk.


Enter – Router Checker from F-Secure, a Web based tool of sorts to quickly determine in a few seconds whether the DNS that you’re connected to the Internet through via the router is working as it should be or is it sniffing around for extra bits of info. No app to download, no plugins to install, Router Checker will run on all modern day browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. This way, not only is the tool helpful in diagnosing your DNS over your computer, but connected mobile devices as well, such as tablets and smartphones.

Simply go here: and hit the Start button to begin the diagnosis. Router Checker will basically scan your router to see if the DNS requests being sent from your device are routed exactly as they should be or are those requests being sent off to some third party.


DNS hijacking is one of the easiest ways for an ill-intended individual for phishing usernames, passwords, credit card details and much more, enabling the hijacker to pretty much wreak havoc on your digital privacy. Router Checker will be most useful for moments when you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi in a coffee shop, train station, airport, and pretty much anywhere where the network is less trustworthy.

Give it a shot and let us know what you think about it.

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