How To Check If A Hotel Has Good Or Bad Wi-Fi Before Booking

There’s a new service in town that hopes to make our hotel room-buying experience a more informed affair, especially if functional Wi-Fi is high on your list of priorities.

If you’ve ever been away on business and needed to get a report done before a meeting, or even taken a trip with the family and needed an easy way to keep the kids entertained before bed, then you’ll already know how important good hotel Wi-Fi can be. It’s never cheap, and you’re probably already paying an absolute fortune for your bug-infested bed, so it’s understandably annoying when that Wi-Fi just doesn’t seem to work.

NYC wifi

There are already plenty of websites out there that focus their energies on either reviewing hotels themselves, or making it easy for people to review them themselves as part of a larger crowdsourcing initiative. What has been in short supply is a service that just focuses on the most important thing to any tech-loving traveller: whether a hotel has good quality Wi-Fi or not.

Hotel Wi-Fi Test is one such service, and it does just what that name might suggest by asking users to go out and test their hotel’s Wi-Fi. If you’re already at your hotel, then the app will automatically pinpoint where you are and then run a speed test in order to get the data it needs to try and build a real picture of the quality of the Wi-Fi on offer. These days, simply offering Wi-Fi isn’t enough for the more discerning customer, and hotels need to learn that the connection needs to actually work, rather than just exist. Hopefully tools and services like Hotel Wi-Fi Test will manage to make that fact plainly clear to the people that matter.


If you’re going out on a trip real soon then we urge you to check out Hotel Wi-Fi Test right away. You can do so by pointing your browser to: And like many other great services, it doesn’t cost a dime to go through, or even submit results for others to look at. After all, building up a database like this one will actually help millions of travellers worldwide, including us at some point.

Put that coffee cup away and get started!

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