How To Change Your Voice On Discord On PC With Vozard

Here’s how you can change your voice on Discord on PC the easy way with Vozard, complete with step by step guide.

Discord is one of the most popular gaming chat platforms for gamers worldwide. With its various integrations, it’s become trendy for gamers to use voice changers in their voice chat on Discord. This article will guide you through changing your voice on Discord using Vozard, a powerful and versatile voice changer tool.

How to Change Your Voice on Discord on PC with Vozard

Introduction to Vozard’s Advantages

Vozard stands out in the AI voice changer market due to its high-quality voice transformation, rich sounds library, diverse voice-changing methods, and customization options.

High-Quality Voice

Vozard employs AI-enhanced algorithms to change your voice to your target character in real-time, resulting in a natural and lifelike voice change that enhances your Discord experience.

Rich Sounds Library

With over 180 voice effects, Vozard AI voice changer offers a wide range of options, from celebrities to cartoon characters, video game figures to movie roles. This ever-growing library ensures you’ll always have fresh voices to try. For example, you can sound like:

– Batman
– Darth Vader
– Mickey Mouse
– Yoda

Three Voice-Changing Methods

Vozard provides three modes for voice changing: Real-time, Recorded, and Upload File. The real-time mode is perfect for live chatting on Discord, while the Recorded and Upload File modes offer flexibility for pre-recorded messages and files.

Customization and Control

Vozard allows you to modify and customize the pitch and tone of your voice, giving you the ability to create a unique voice that stands out.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Voice in Real-Time on Discord with Vozard

Step 1. Download and Install Vozard:
– Visit the Vozard product page to download and install the software on your PC.

Step 2. Launch Vozard and Configure Settings:

– Open Vozard and go to the settings menu.
– Select your input device (microphone) and output device (speakers/headphones).

Step 3. Select Your Desired Voice Effect:

– Browse through Vozard’s rich sounds library and choose the voice effect you want to use. For example, you can opt for the Batman or Yoda effect.

Step 4. Enable Real-Time Voice Change:
– Switch to the real-time voice-changing mode to apply the effect instantly to your voice.

Step 5. Set Up Vozard on Discord:

– Open Discord and go to ‘User Settings’ > ‘Voice & Video’.
– In the ‘Input Device’ dropdown menu, select ‘Microphone (Vozard Virtual Audio Device)’.
– Adjust your input sensitivity and test to ensure your modified voice is working correctly.

For a detailed setup guide, you can refer to this guide on how to set up Vozard on Discord.

Why Change Your Voice on Discord

Changing your voice on Discord can enhance your experience in various ways:

– Add Extra Entertainment to Gameplay: Make your gaming sessions more fun and engaging by using different voices.
– Add Fun to Live-Stream Content: Entertain your audience by changing your voice during live streams.
– Add Anonymity to Protect Privacy: Maintain your privacy by using a voice changer.
– Make Pranks or Fun Conversations with Friends: Surprise your friends with unexpected voice changes and have a good laugh.

Final Thoughts

Changing your voice on Discord with Vozard is simple and offers a wide range of possibilities to enhance your gaming and chatting experience. With its high-quality voice effects, extensive sound library, and customization options, Vozard is a top choice for any Discord user looking to add a new dimension to their interactions. Visit the Vozard product page to get started.

For more information on specific voice effects, like the Gru voice effect, check out this introduction article. Happy voice changing on Discord!

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