How To Anonymously Share And Receive Photos From Android Devices

The photo sharing phenomenon saw much more growth with the advent of smartphones than any other mechanism, especially with platforms like Android and iOS. Even though Facebook is the unofficial king in the photo sharing ring, the immense popularity that Instagram saw made the whole idea much more famous, and when the photo sharing mobile network expanded from being an iPhone exclusive to Android, things definitely took off even further. Today, photo sharing is one of the most popular and religiously observed social networking phenomena that you’ll find all across the internet.

The idea that’s consistent with Instagram, Facebook, or any other social network revolving around photo sharing, is the social aspect of the whole deal, involving the identity of the one sharing, comments, likes, up votes and what not. Today, if we look at the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, both of these are riddled with apps that offer their own brand of photo sharing networks, albeit with some different feature sets. In light of this, the user community is always skeptical to receive a new entrant in this arena, frowning at the very idea with the approach of “yet another image sharing service”. Rando, a new Android app, takes a fresh and different approach, bringing an element to sharing your captures with the world in a slightly different way.

Rando 1

Rando’s focus in sharing images revolves around anonymity. If you’ve ever used Omegle, you’ll understand the idea where you connect with a random stranger and chat your heart away. Rando allows you to do the same with photos.

Rando 3

To ensure the growth of the network, you must share an image first in order to be able to receive one. The app doesn’t bother with identities, user names or any other thing that can potentially identify. At maximum, you, being the sharer, will see the part of the world where your photo has landed, and the receiver will know where it was taken (using the device’s built in GPS-coordinates), but that’s the extent of it. You can continue to receive images as long as you continue to share.

Rando 2

Rando is a fresh and unique approach towards photo sharing that lets users appreciate the true beauty of photography, without bothering with liking an image, using hashtags to promote it, leaving comments and following others back etc. The application may not appeal to everyone, but it’s sure to find popularity with a lot of others, judging by the fact that it’s still growing at a good pace.

(Source: Rando for Android on the Play Store)

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