How To Access ‘Most Recent’ News Feed In Facebook v10 On iPhone

Facebook is at it again. The latest version 10 update, that we told you about earlier, has managed to cause quite a bit of confusion amongst users attempting to view their Most Recent news feed.

If you’re an iPhone user and have updated to the latest version of the official Facebook app, you will have immediately noticed that the ability to choose various data feeds has been moved from its previously prominent position at the top of the app. Thankfully the functionality is still there, you just need to be look in the right place.

Facebook News Feed Most Recent

Facebook may be the biggest and most innovative social network in the world, and yes, it may be diverting a lot of resources into mobile lately, but the company has a history of bringing about confusion with app updates. If you’ve updated the app today and found that your personalized news feed is jumbled mess of posts that isn’t time synchronized then follow the simple steps below to bring that time-based order back.

Note: iPad users don’t need to go through the following steps, as the ‘Show Most Recent’ stories option is there where it was before. Simply swipe from the left towards the right of the display to bring up the menu pane, and click on the little cog besides ‘News Feed’.

Step 1: Launch the official Facebook app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Select the More option located at the far right of the bottom tab bar.

Step 3: Scroll down the list of options until you come to the Feeds section of the table. Rather than tapping on the cell itself, select the ‘>’ chevron at the right hand side to expand the Feeds section.

iOS Screenshot 20140515-163404 02

Step 4: Select the Most Recent option from the list.

iOS Screenshot 20140515-163354 01

Step 5: When you head back into the News Feed tab, your timeline will now be filtered to show the most recent posts from your connections.

Facebook’s internal mobile team is made up of some of the most capable developers, designers and user experience practitioners that money can buy, so we’re fairly confident that there’s a pretty good reason for this to be hidden away as part of this update. With that said, on the surface it does just appear that this latest update has managed to not only cause confusion with users, but also makes the process of accessing a unique News Feed based on certain parameters a lot more difficult.

Given the company’s history of remotely swapping out different visual styles and functionality within its mobile apps, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether this current setup will remain like this or magically change overnight for certain user sets.

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