Here’s What You Get For Recycling An Old Used iPhone Via Apple Renew Program

We all know at this point that Apple likes to do its bit to save the world, and if it can make a marketing strategy out of it, then even better in the eyes of Tim Cook and co. What you might not be aware of, though, is just what your old iPhone is worth to Apple should you decide to trade it in, in order to pick something a little newer, faster or just with a larger capacity.

Dubbed Apple Renew, the scheme allow owners of Apple products (and PCs) to trade their old kit in when buying something new. There’s a benefit for both parties here, with the customer getting money off their next purchase and Apple getting another device to add to the big bag of hardware waiting for its recycling robot Liam to get to work on.


If you’re sat on an iPhone right now and are debating whether to buy a new one, perhaps an iPhone SE, then you can get some money off that new purchase in the form of a gift card. In fact, depending on what it is you’re trading in, the discount might be well worth your time.

For example, here’s what you can expect Apple to offer you for your old iPhone.

  • iPhone 4: $50 Apple gift card
  • iPhone 4s: $50 Apple gift card
  • iPhone 5: $100 Apple gift card
  • iPhone 5c: $100 Apple gift card
  • iPhone 5s: $150 Apple gift card
  • iPhone 6: $250 Apple gift card
  • iPhone 6 Plus: $300 Apple gift card

If you have an old iPhone 5s that you’ve been hanging on to because you don’t like the larger iPhones that replaced it, then now would be a good time to trade that ageing hardware in because you’ll get a $150 Apple gift card in return. It’s certainly better than keeping old hardware in a drawer like we tend to do!

Liam at work, dismantling an iPhone to its core components

For more info on Apple’s Renew program, head on over to its dedicated webpage at

(Via: Lifehacker)

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