Hacked Email Reveals Tim Cook Was Considered For Vice Presidency By Hilary Clinton

The world of consumer technology is always an interesting and extremely varied landscape at the best of times, but it can’t really hold a candle to the ongoing political debacle that is the current Presidential campaign being waged on the American public, and in some cases, the on-looking global public, by Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

While always interesting to watch, technology fans, and specifically Apple lovers, will be interested to learn that leaked emails point to the fact that Apple CEO Tim Cook was considered to be a Vice President candidate by Hilary Clinton’s campaign Chairman, John Podesta.


The topic of leaked emails has been an ongoing discussion point during this Presidential campaign, but it’s the tech-related content which has recently surfaced that has piqued the interest of those with a passion for consumer tech, and for the future of Apple.

One series of hacked/leaked emails, which has been published on WikiLeaks, contains what appears to be a first cut of Vice President candidates, and not only includes Apple CEO Tim Cook as notable consideration, but also a number of other extremely popular tech figureheads and business leaders, one of them being Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Tim Cook may be enjoying a career as the extremely successful CEO of the world’s richest company, but as is the case with most people in his stature, there are definite undertones of political interest.

He has previously arranged a fundraiser for Hilary Clinton’s campaign and has also worked closely with Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. While it may make perfect sense for Clinton’s campaign to consider someone as prominent and influential as Apple’s Tim Cook, it would remain to be seen if he would even consider, or be remotely interested, in having that type of position.

We now all know that Clinton ultimately went with what may be deemed to be the “safe” option by appointing Tim Kaine to the Vice President elect role, but that doesn’t mean that Tim Cook, or any other prominent businessmen of the same ilk would never make it into a political role in The White House. You can checkout the complete leaked email including the listed candidates below:


Given how closely big business and politics in the United States are interwoven, it’s very likely that someone like Tim Cook could have a future career in politics when his Apple journey ends.

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