Google Invests in App that will Predict Your Future

We all at some point in our lives are keen to know what does future have in store for us. If there is one power that is worth having, it is the ability to predict the future. Imagine all the endless possibilities that could come from such a great skill.


Knowing the importance of this, the think-tank at Google Ventures have decided to invest an undisclosed amount in Recorded Future – a company/web app which can predict future after collecting and analyzing the data from past in a scientific manner.

As its name implies, the web application uses a wealth of quantifiable data from the past and present to forecast trends and predict outcomes. It likely has around the same level of accuracy, give or take, as a weather report.

Recorded Future offers alerts on topics such as financial markets, geopolitical news, industry changes, public figures, technology and information security. The app can be customized to return results for an individual or other topic, as well.

Here is a little demo, showing how the app actually works.

What do you think about this? Will you be willing to try out this app to know a little insight about you or your company’s future? [via Mashable]

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