Galaxy Gear: Samsung’s Alleged Smart Watch Gets A Name, According To Trademark Filing

The technology industry is an extremely vibrant and ever-growing space to be a part of. Innovation and coming up with different approaches to existing ideas is always an approach that is rewarded by consumers, but the market is also very reliant on trends and what is generally perceived to be the " in thing" at any particular time. Smartphones and tablets are looking likely to always be popular going forward, but companies are falling over themselves at the moment to penetrate the market with a so-called "smart watch". South Korean based Samsung Electronics are no different with a recent trademark filing confirming that their in-development wrist wear will be released under the Galaxy Gear name, which has been commonly known as the Galaxy Smart Watch for quite a while.

The potential of a Samsung branded intelligent time piece has been rumored and discussed for quite some time, as has the different naming conventions that such a device could be released under. A number of different sources have already bandied the Galaxy Gear moniker around the internet, but a trademark filing submitted at the end of last month is the first concrete evidence that we have seen that shows the company are sticking with the Galaxy brand for this particular release as well.

It shouldn’t come as any great surprise that Samsung is planning on adding the smart watch to the Galaxy family of devices. Hardware like the Galaxy S2, S3 and the current generation S4 have built up an extremely strong reputation in the smartphone world, so it makes perfect sense for Sammy to capitalize on that brand that already exists. It’s also highly likely that any watch release would act as a deeply integrated accessory for the company’s range of smartphones and tablets, further strengthening the Galaxy series of devices.

Galaxy Gear

Not a great deal of technical information is known about the first Samsung smart watch, but the device is expected the launch with the SM-V700 model number in line with previously leaked information. It’s also expected that interested individuals shouldn’t have to wait much longer to find out what Samsung have in store for us, with the release date expected to be on or around September 4th along with the third-generation Galaxy Note. The smart watch revolution is about to begin and the Samsung Galaxy Gear will definitely be one to keep an eye on.

(Source: USPTO)

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