Father and Son Team Launches iPhone Into Space, Drop Jaws [Video]

Holy moly: Cinematographer Luke Geissbuhler is now the coolest dad in the universe. He and his son launched a freakin’ iPhone into space. The entire project (details below) was a rousing success and the bestirring video embedded after the jump is an amazing evidence of its sheer awesomeness.


According to the video information:

The mission was to attach a HD video camera to a weather balloon and send it up into the upper stratosphere to film the blackness beyond our earth.

Geissbuhler used the iPhone as a GPS. It was fit inside an insulating capsule along with an HD camera and battery when the entire thing was launched into space with a weather balloon from New York.

The balloon started its upward climb at an astounding 25ft/sec for 70 minutes and reached almost 19 miles (30km) before the balloon burst and fell all the way back down to Earth at 150mph (this was even with the parachute deployed)

The iPhone was used as a GPS transmitter to find its landing position which was a mere 30ft away from where it was launched. See the breath-taking video below: [via NYMag]

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