Facebook Messenger App Comes To Windows Vista & XP – Download Now!

Facebook has today updated its Facebook Messenger app to support two older versions of Windows – Windows XP and Vista.

Do you live your life on Facebook but happen to be unfortunate enough to be forced to use either Windows Vista or XP? Maybe you’ve got some bespoke hardware or software that needs one of Microsoft’s older operating systems in order to function, but still need to be able to keep in touch with everyone via the modern wonder that is Facebook. Well, you’re in luck.

Facebook has now launched a Windows XP and Vista version of its Facebook Messenger app or, more accurately, it has updated its current app to support the two older versions of Windows. Originally released back in March, the app was a Windows 7-only affair, obviously reducing the target audience significantly. Now though, Facebook seems to have recognized the error of its ways.

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app does exactly what the name suggests – Facebook users can chat to each other without having to fire up the Facebook web site. As well as conversing with other Facebook users, downloaders of the app can also accept new friend requests and be notified of activities such as people tagging them in photos. Depending on how you use Facebook, you may never need to load facebook.com again.

Other than the added compatibility with Windows XP and Vista, there is little information available about what has changed in this particular version of Facebook Messenger. As long as sending and receiving messages works though, we’re not sure what else people would really want from something that’s free. After all, the real Facebook is just a web browser window away.


Facebook has been in the news plenty recently, with the social network’s IPO seeing the company in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. After the initial IPO buzz, Facebook has seen its share price plumet in the recent weeks, with investors apparently wary about the potential difficulty in monetizing the mobile market.

Problems with share prices or not, Facebook is still gaining users hand over fist, and the addition of apps like Facebook Messenger can only help to keep the Facebook faithful happy.

Facebook Messenger for Windows can be downloaded from here.

(via Neowin)

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