Facebook – Love It Or Hate It, We Can’t Live Without It [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook really is one of the biggest success stories of the last 10 years, and not just when it comes to companies based around the internet. Infamously founded by Mark Zuckerberg while at Harvard, Facebook is now home to over 600 million users – and it shows no sign of slowing in its meteoric rise to ruling to social networking world. But what if Facebook was never founded? It just so happens rent-an-evangelist Guy Kawasaki asked that very same question and came up with this infographic courtesy of SimpleGrain.

As well as answering that particular burning question, this infographic also reminds us just how staggering that 600m user stat is – remember that the population of Russia is just 143m, and in 1600AD there were only 545m people on the entire planet!

Warning: Large image incoming – click for the full-res version if you dare!

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