Experience And Compare iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus In 3D Using This Interactive Demo

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are nearing pre-order stage now, but given that neither will go on general sale until Friday, September 19th, the wait for the release is tantalizing. As well as tuning in to the swathes of media coverage and soaking up the information that trickles out on an hourly basis, you can now get up close and personal with both handsets in a virtual sense thanks to a new site dedicated to showcasing the two new models in three dimensions.

You can pick your model of choice in its favorite color and swivel, tilt, and simply ogle at it endlessly until the launch date, and if you’ve been waiting a while for Apple to drop its latest and greatest, this website will let you become virtually familiar with your upcoming purchase.

iPhone 6 hero

It’s not only useful for gathering an idea of what the new devices look like in real life,  but also, offers a sense of perspective. You can compare both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus to the iPhone 5s, for example, and if you’re not familiar with the still-current flagship model, you can also pit both new devices up against the profile of a credit card.

If you want to check the site out, all you need to do is point your browser over to iphone6in3d.com and set your specifications. You even have the option to compare the iPhone 6 with an iPhone 5s, just to get a glimpse of the size.

It’s likely to be another mad scramble as early adopters flock to Apple Retail Stores to secure their unit, and although rivals Samsung and HTC have been quick to point out that a larger display is not an innovative step by any means, it’ll surely be interesting to see whether Android users flock to the new iPhone in record numbers as some analysts have suggested.

3D iPhone 6

Even though this week has been fairly busy iPhone-wise, the release next week coupled with the public roll-out of iOS 8 will ensure that Apple remains amongst the headlines.

As we wait for the device to hit the market, the 3D preview is about as close to holding it as we’re going to get for the time being, so check it out via the aforementioned URL, and be sure to leave your comments below.

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