Epson Reimagines The Printer With EcoTank Supertank Range, Ditches Ink Cartridges

Technology has come a long way in the last decade and a half. We now have smartphones no bigger than the palm of our hands that effectively manage our connected lives. We have refrigerators that are connected to the Internet and have been designed to automate shopping when stock levels get low. We even have companies delivering shopping items via drones. Yet here we are, in 2015, still finding ourselves continuously infuriated by printers and the lack of progression in that particular industry. Something needs to change. Step forward Epson with its new EcoTank Supertank range to hopefully ignore the printer revolution or for that matter, the lack of it.

The likelihood is that we’ve all faced the same problem at one time or another when trying to print; be it at home or in the workplace. You start with the purchase of a printer that comes packed with a few starter cartridges that are barely half full, print a few pages to test out the quality of your new purchase, and suddenly you find yourself in a position of needing to replace the ink. Depending on the printer purchase, the ink cartridges can actually end up costing more than the printer itself, which in itself is a mind boggling notion. Epson is hoping to rectify those problems.

Epson Ecotank Main

The company behind some of the most popular printers in existence has today introduced the EcoTank Supertank range. Each of the five individual models within the company’s new range has been designed and engineered toward a very specific type of user in the hope of solving the issues that are regularly faced by individuals trying to get an efficient and lasting printing service. Although each model is different, they do all come with one very important similarity; hugely increased ink reservoir bottles instead of cartridges that Epson describes as “Supertank” sized, pre-loaded with loads of ink.

Epson Ecotank Supertank 2

There’s no guarantee on how long the ink will actually last, after all it does entirely depend on how much you actually print on a day-to-day basis. Large organizations will find themselves filling the tank up more often than the average home owner printing out some college work or bank statements. With that said, the reservoirs could in some circumstances last up to two years and would greatly reduce the cost associated with purchasing ink cartridges.

Epson Ecotank Supertank 3

Prices for replacement bottles of ink will start at $12.99 and provide the equivalent of 20 ink cartridges. All models of the EcoTank Supertank printer will launch next month with prices starting at $379, and rising to $1,199.

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