Download OS X Lion 10.7.2 Build 11C57 [Developers Only]

It seems that Apple is increasing the rate of OS X 10.7.2 developer seeds in light of the imminent public launch of iOS 5 and iCloud. The latest version, Build 11C57, has been rolled out today for its group of registered developers to mull over.


It appears the Cupertino company as a whole is pulling its socks up to deal with the pressures of having quite a few products rolling out within one manic month. In this latest build, as was the case with the previous one released some five days ago, is bundled with the iCloud components within it. Up until that last build, iCloud was at a separate download, but with everything now reaching tipping point, the time has come to amalgamate the two. Apple has not listed any known issues or bugs for this release, and no significant changes have been made to the focal testing areas.

OS X Lion 11C57

With iCloud, iOS 5, iPhone 5 and an entry-level iPhone 4S all poised to drop within a month, it will be interesting to see how everything pans out. After a seemingly endless cycle of speculation, rumors, leaks, and the occasional slip of the tongue, let’s just hope that there are no more delays.

From what we’ve heard, it’s almost certain that the iPhone 5 will be a whole new design, lighter and thinner (although possibly slightly wider) than the current iPhone 4, whilst the 4S will be an almost carbon-copy of its 15 month old predecessor. The iPhone 3GS, Apple’s longest-serving smartphone at over two years old, is expected to be discontinued, but has served the fruit company a healthy profit during its extensive lifespan.

It will be interesting to see how iCloud fares. Billed as an eventual successor to the agreed partial failure that is MobileMe, it will aim to give iOS users additional storage space as well as the ability to sync multiple devices harmoniously. Hopefully Apple, with a bit of a reputation for its shoddy web an internet ventures, will get it right this time around.

In order to download the latest beta release of OS X, you will need to be a registered Apple developer. As is the case with most dev-only releases, there will probably end up on file sharing services within hours, but to avoid any unnecessary issues, we here at RedmondPie always recommend downloading through legitimate mediums.

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