Download iTwitter – Twitter Client with Push Notification

iTwitter takes the crown for being the first twitter app for iPhone 3.0 (and onwards) that can Push notifications. iTwitter will push you notifications whenever someone mentions you in a tweet or if they send you a direct message (DM), and best of all its free!

iTwitter is a fast, flexible, rich featured twitter client for iPhone and iPod Touch. It has a lot of cool features that you see in other twitter apps but rarely put together. It offers everything you’d expect for a good twitter client, from you timeline to search. It is such a powerful twitter client with simple user interface, people will find no difficulties to use all the features at all.

While the developers are advertising it as the first twitter client with Push, there is a BIG catch to it, You will only receive Push notification if the person sending you the tweet is also using iTwitter. This surely is the biggest disappointment for me. iTwitter can pose a threat to the share of other free twitter clients like Twitterfon and TweetDeck but it wont bother the likes of Tweetie by much, or at least until the developers allow receiving of Push notifications from other twitter clients. But by that time, the major twitter clients may have already enabled Push on their clients apps.

 Download iTwitter from iTunes App Store