Download Accelerometer based games for Windows Mobile

Who says Windows Mobile cant be fun? Here is list of my top picks for accelerometer-based games for Windows Phones running Windows Mobile (in no particular order):

1. Aquarium

Developed by a “XDA-Developers” user, Aquarium is a simple to use fun animated game in which you have full motion control over the fish swimming in the Aquarium. Check out this video to see Aquarium in full action!

Download Aquarium


2. Lottery Number Generator

This is a lottery number generator app which generates a unique number whenever you shake it! So you know what to do next time when you want to generate a unique lottery number.

Download Lottery Number Generator


3. hdWobble

Remember that infamous iPhone app Wobble which became an instant hit on the iPhone? hdWobble brings what Wobble brought to iPhone – “Bouncy bouncy fun ;)”

Download hdWobble


4. GravityBalls

The great folks over at XDA Developers never seem to dissapoint us or do they? GravityBalls is yet another free accelerometer-based game which utilizes G-Sensor to control the game. With the movement of your hand (left/right tilting) you control the paddle that explodes the balls. Tilting up and down changes the gravitational force applied to the balls. This way you can accelerate them, slow them down or even make them fly to heaven again.

Download GravityBalls


5. Klaxon (Alarm Clock)

Klaxon is a free simple to use alarm clock with added support for utilizing G-sensor in Windows Mobile phones. What makes this application special is its ability to enable users to interact with the application, through motion or light. Users are given the options to shake the phone, flip it over or turn it towards light to snooze or turn off the alarm.

Here is an example: If you set up a wake up alarm for 9:00 AM. Just flip over the phone to snooze it for 10 minutes or shake the phone to turn off the alarm completely.

Download Klaxon


6. Asphalt 4 HD

A full featured racing game from Gameloft with full G-sensor support: Supports landscape, portrait, (turn by) accelerometer, touchscreen, cars, bikes, girls, cops, tuning… and everything you expect from a racing game!


7. Need for Speed: Undercover

Need for Speed: Undercover for Windows Mobile is a well-produced racing game. The ability to use drifts on turns and slow-motion for precision dodging on straight-ways, attempts to spice up the standard formula of car modding and nitrous-boosted racing is fun. The game is a solid one with good graphics and plenty of activities to keep you busy.


Purchase & Download Need for Speed: Undercover


8. GClipper (Virtual Hair Clippers)

GClipper is a free fun-to-use virtual hair clipper which simulates the sound hair clippers make as it moves through your hair.


  • Tap screen to start
  • Tap again to stop
  • 3 unique sounds – Switch on/off, No Cut and Cut
  • GSensor enabled so that tilting the "virtual clippers" towards your victims head makes a hair cutting sound

Download GClipper


9. Spin the Bottle

Spin the Bottle is a free G-Sensor enabled game for Windows Mobile phone. To spin the bottle just shake your phone and the bottle will start spinning in a kinetic flow. Check out the video below to see it in action!

Download Spin the Bottle


10. NavTetris (G-sensor enabled Tetris)

NavTetris is a Tetris game for Windows Mobile phones with added functionality of G-sensor which enables users to play the game without using standard controls on the mobile by using the device sensors. Bricks can be moved and rotated based on the readings from accelerometer and scrollwheel sensors. See it in action in the video below!

Download NavTetris


Please share with us if you know any other good accelerometer based game or app for Windows Mobile which is worth trying.