iOS Downgrade ToolKit Released For Restoring To iOS 11.3.1 Right Ahead Of Electra Jailbreak Release

The jailbreak community is getting twitchy. Developers are starting to get excited about their tweaks, and new tools are being released, which can mean only one thing: that an iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak is imminent.

To celebrate the imminent arrival of the latest version of Electra, a number of relatively well-known developers have released a new downgrade tool to assist those who want to be on the correct firmware to take advantage of the new Electra.

Members of the jailbreak community – both old and new – can be easily forgiven for not having the slightest clue what’s going on in the community anymore. Once upon a time, the process was relatively simple. Apple would release a new version of firmware. Jailbreak teams would exploit and breach that firmware, and device owners would take advantage of that release. It was relatively easy to upgrade and downgrade between firmware versions and everything ran fairly smoothly. Or, at least as smoothly as you could expect from an ongoing game of cat and mouse with Apple.

However, the modern scene is vastly different from what we had just a few years ago. Now, it’s not just a cat and mouse game. It’s a complicated game with a complicated scenarios containing multiple tools and various new speedbumps that prevent iPhone and iPad owners from being on the correct firmware at a time when a new jailbreak may drop.

This latest tool, which has been designed, developed and provided by the JailbreakStatus team, is aimed at those individuals who have iOS 11.3.1 blobs saved, are currently running a version of jailbroken firmware below iOS 11.3.1, and who want to restore to iOS 11.3.1 to take advantage of the upcoming jailbreak.

Apple isn’t signing iOS 11.3.1 so this could come in handy for those who meet the above requirements. In theory, this sounds very much like FutureRestore with main difference being this one providing much more user friendly experience so that an everyday Joe could use it too without the complication that FutureRestore tool provides.

While this is technically more of an upgrade to iOS 11.3.1 given that you need to be on a firmware older than 11.3.1 and already jailbroken, but in the jailbreak community, it’s still classed as a “downgrade” when restoring to a firmware which Apple is no longer officially signing.

To reiterate, for this to work, you do need to have iOS 11.3.1 blobs saved and you definitely do need that iOS device to be on iOS 11.3 or below and already jailbroken. Oh, and it doesn’t support iPhone 8 or iPhone X for some reason.

If you meet all of that criteria and want to give the service a run-through, head on over to to get started.

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