Developer Turns Google Glass Into A Gaming HUD For GTA 3 [IMAGE]

We think it’s safe to say that Rockstar’s latest addition to the Grand Theft Auto gaming franchise has been an unrivalled success. The hype surrounding the release of GTA 5 was at an all time high when the title eventually went on sale last month. The game reportedly cost Rockstar more than $250 million to create, but managed to recoup more than $1 billion in opening weekend sales, which speaks for itself. So how could this year’s best game actually get any better? Well, it probably couldn’t, but an earlier version could allow gamers to hook up a Google Glass wearable to compliment the experience.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has always been more about mayhem, destruction and personal gain rather than any kind of technical ingenuity or innovation. Mission after mission of total carnage is what seems to appeal to the masses, but the underlying technology and work that goes into making an expansive game of this nature is truly unparalleled in consumer gaming. But wouldn’t it be so much better if you could use one of Google’s wearable pieces of eyewear to view the game map without actually detracting from the mission at hand? Step forward Mr. Mike DiGiovanni.


DiGiovanni has managed to put in the time and effort to create what is essentially a real-time GPS type system using Grand Theft Auto 3 and the magnificent Google Glass hardware. One of the main problems that I have always had with games like Grand Theft Auto is that there is too much for me to focus on on the game screen. The actual gameplay itself, the little map indicator as well as character health and various other focal points. DiGiovanni’s little creation abstracts the progress map away from the scenario and puts it firmly into the vision of the Glass wearer.

This particular developer has pedigree when it comes to tinkering with Google’s wearable. Google and Glass users will be more than familiar with the various bits of work he has done for the device, but his GTA 3 creation is by far the most impressive, yet considering it was pieced together on his laptop during his daily commute to work. The handy little hack definitely improves the Grand Theft Auto 3 experience for those using a Windows laptop, but it does have serious adverse effects on the Glass battery life. Users can expect a fully charged battery to be drained within 45 minutes when using this heads up display.


The GTA3 Glass creation hasn’t been released for the regular Joe to try out yet, but sit patiently as there is something coming.

(Source: Google+)

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