Create Your Own Fake Siri Conversations Using iFakeSiri

It’s hard to keep up with online trends, they seem to change every week. Lucky for us there’s always quick developers helping us keep up!


The iPhone’s autocorrect feature was an instant Internet hit. After a while, it started to become less funny and some even seemed faked on purpose. After all, they are easy to forge. There’s just too many accidental texts to Mom or Grandma that are overused. While some of them are still humorous, the web seems to be moving on to the next big thing.

If you still are interested in faking an iPhone conversations visit If you’re ready to try something new, check out their new site: This new web based app will allow you to create your own Siri conversations. Why is this useful? It’s not really. It was simply designed for entertainment.

Just like the previous fad, you can send out images of fake Siri iPhone screens for a good laugh. What the conversation is about is up to your imagination. After all, there are a few questions that Siri doesn’t have the answers to. Now you can supply them yourself.

Once you visit the website, you are able to enter a series of words you are telling Siri and type what she responds back with. Be sure to use the “me” and “Siri” in the text box to generate the message correctly.


After you’re done, you’ll click on the ‘Create Your Siri Conversation’ button, and the next page will load with your fake Siri screen shot. You can copy the image or share the link.


For an added realism effect, the web app also allows your to choose your US carrier. The three options are AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. It looks like iPhone users in other countries are out of luck.


So why don’t give the web app a try and give the link a whirl. Save the output file and send it to your friends. Don’t expect them to be fooled for long, though. If they have an iPhone 4S as well, they’ll be able to test out the voice command too. Be sure to send us the link to your creative conversation in the comment section of our Facebook and Google pages!

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