Chinese Companies Boycott Apple, Push Huawei Products, Even Threatening To Fire Apple Device Users

Chinese companies are showing growing levels of support for embattled Huawei by actively encouraging employees not to purchase any Apple products whatsoever. Employers are even going as far as terminating employment contracts for those who don’t play ball.

Huawei is one the brands that you immediately think of when you try and list major global smartphone and technology manufacturers. However, it’s been an extremely troubling time for the company outside of China recently, with many countries offering official advice to stay away from Huawei’s hardware for fear of Chinese interference in global digital infrastructures. The company’s Chief Financial Officer, Meng Wanzhou, has also recently been arrested in the United States on suspicion of breaching US sanctions on Iran. Her arrest took place in Canada on December 1st by request of extradition to the United States.

Now, Chinese companies are seemingly looking to apply pressure to employees in order to try and coerce them to stay away from Apple hardware and to embrace technology provided by Huawei. For those who don’t go along with those requests, some companies are garnishing salaries, removing bonuses entirely, and in some extreme circumstances, entirely removing an individual from employment at the company. Discounts on Huawei hardware are also being offered, and, in some cases, free devices are being given away. As per Nikkei Asian Review, some companies are also upping the amount of Huawei hardware that they purchase internally:

Many Chinese businesses have told employees they will receive subsidies if they buy Huawei smartphones to aid the company. Most are subsidizing 10% to 20% of the purchase price, with some even covering the full amount. Over 20 Chinese companies also took to social media to announce that they will increase purchases of other Huawei products, such as its business management system.

This is ultimately going to be bad news for Apple but not entirely unsurprising given the events that have occurred since that start of December. iPhones and Apple hardware were once considered a symbol of status in China but that no longer appears to be the case. This will be particularly concerning for Apple given how big the Chinese market could be for the company.

(Source: Nikkei Asian Review)

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