Check Out Every Apple And NeXT Product Ever Made In This 30 Second Clip [VIDEO]

Apple has evolved a lot since its inception by Jobs and Wozniak, two college buddies with a strong work ethic surpassed only by ambition.

Whilst Macs – in their various forms – now run at lightning-speed whilst encased in sleek compilations of various materials, this wasn’t always the case.

Rob Beschizza of Boing Boing! has put together a rather nostalgic ‘evolution of Apple’ video, scanning through virtually every Cupertino product from the past 35-odd years in a mere 30 seconds.

AppleProducts 2011

If you’re more than just a post-iPod Apple fan, I’m pretty sure you caught a few old-school classics in there, despite it falling under the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it category.

I like how the iPhone is paid special attention – afforded a little more airtime than every other product created by the fruit company. In spite of the usual dose of Jobs keynote enthusiasm, nobody could have predicted the device – launched back in 2007 – would have such an impact on the market. In four and a half short years, the device is now the most popular amongst consumers, having sold 37 million units in the last quarter of 2011 alone.

Despite Apple being in constant battle with Google, Samsung et al over who supposedly copied who, and whilst we’ll certainly not call anybody out for outright plagiarism, the influence of Apple’s smartphone device is plain to see.

Meanwhile the Mac and OS X continues to gain a legion of adopters, although competing with Windows on any level is certainly a mountain, one which Apple has yet to truly begin scaling. With consumers displaying the kind of hysteria usually reserved for Apple products regarding Windows 8, it’s fair to say Microsoft – founded by Jobs’ rival Bill Gates – will be enjoying the Lion’s share of the market in the foreseeable future.

As an early Friday Funny, Beschizza also compiled a video of the products created under NeXT – Steve Jobs’ temporary project – in a comparatively short video:

Packing a 25 MHz CPU and 256MB of storage space, this baby retailed for a staggering $6500 – and we though Apple products were expensive. Having said that, one has to wonder just how much one of these would fetch today in mint condition.

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