British MP Caught Playing Candy Crush Saga On iPad During Parliamentary Session [Photo]

Candy Crush Saga is a game that has gripped our world like crazy to an extent that even the British Parliament has been penetrated by its addictiveness.

Politics can be boring for some, even politicians themselves, as one British MP has revealed when he was quietly sneaking in some Candy Crush Saga on his iPad during a dull parliamentary debate.

Candy Crush main

Normally, no politician would talk about the ways they handle boredom in parliamentary debates, but it just so happens that Nigel Mills, a Conservative MP for Amber Valley in the U.K., was photographed playing the game on his iPad during a Work and Pensions Committee debate.

According to Mills as he talked to the tabloid newspaper The Sun, "There was a bit of the meeting that I wasn’t focusing on and I probably had a game or two." The MP was quick to say that he will be avoiding anything like this in the future; of course he will, as there are too many prying camera eyes these days.

You can say that it can be hard to resist the call of this game, but perhaps this incident goes beyond that and shows us just how short an average person’s attention span really is. Especially if you take into account how Mills is not the first politician to be caught finding some ‘me time’ during sessions that can easily last for hours.

Candy Crush iPad MP

It is easy to take such incidents as part of a wider problem where a politician, paid by the tax payer’s money, is being dishonest with his role as a representative of the people, but it is in fact something we are all likely to practice, or have practiced a few times in our professional lives.

It could have been worse for Mills who was caught unaware of prying eyes. In 2011 an Italian member of the parliament was caught on camera as he browsed through escorts on a website using his iPad. It was argued that these were mere pop-ups that appeared as he was browsing through a respectable news website.

So keeping that in mind, Mills’ attempt to lift his spirits up during a boring parliamentary session was a sweet one, and all this publicity may have made the CEO of Candy Crush one happy man, given the free press coverage his game just got, especially in times when sales have been declining.

(Source: TheSun)

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