Belkin’s iPhone Camera Remote And Stand Shown Off By FCC

Apple’s iPhone is already the most popular camera out there, thanks to the fact that not only is it actually a pretty decent shooter from the iPhone 4 onwards, but it tends to be the camera you always have with you. That makes it both convenient and useful.

iPhone Camera

There is one downside to using the iPhone as a real camera instead of something that was design from the ground up to be used as a camera, and that’s the lack of a remote for taking shots while you don’t actually have access to that all-important shutter button.

Belkin is seeking to fix that particular issue, as the FCC has inadvertently leaked.

The product actually features two separate pieces of hardware which we can only imagine will work in perfect harmony with one another in order to ensure the best possible photographs. We should write press releases, shouldn’t we?!

The first part of this double act is a stand, which according to the FCC filing will work on a variety of different surfaces, as well as being quick and easy to set up. The iPhone then obviously attaches to this stand, making it perfect for those shots where unintentional motion blur just will not cut it.

The second part of the package is the remote itself, which operates using the magic of Bluetooth and an accompanying app.

The remote connects to the smartphone wirelessly and controls the Belkin Camera App that runs on the smartphone.  When the app is in camera mode, the remote controls the app’s camera shutter button.  When the app is in video mode, the remote controls the video record button.

That’s right, the app will also record video, which given the 1080p camera built into the iPhone 4S, could well come in more useful than you’d think.

The hardware itself doesn’t really look that exciting, and there is a definite 1980s tape deck vibe going on, but hopefully that’s just the byproduct of bad product images.

There are currently no details on pricing or availability, but seeing as this is now working its way through the FCC, the chances are Belkin will get this into stores before Christmas, so if an iPhone camera remote is right up your alley, it might be time to start writing those letters to Santa.


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