Battery Doctor For Android Gives You An Estimate On How Much Battery Life Is Remaining And Tips On Saving Power

Battery retention is a massive issue with our electronic devices, and the smaller, thinner, and lighter they’ve become, the harder vendors have had to strive to keep the battery retention at optimum level. The companies behind our notebooks, smartphones and tablets tend to quote a battery life seldom reachable for the majority, and more often than not, the onus is on the consumer to take battery-conserving steps in avoiding that fateful warning popup or dreaded low battery logo in the corner.

With so many Android devices available on the market, the amount of battery your device can pump out varies quite significantly, and given that most of us like to play games, browse the web and rely on apps to help us with even the most menial of tasks, a 5-hour battery life can easily be difficult to stretch over a full day.


As well as placing a device into Airplane mode, lowering the brightness where possible, closing down unused apps and the many other popular steps taken to keep that little bit of battery on ice, there are many apps around claiming to aid the cause.

Battery Doctor is one app I’ve recently stumbled across for Android, and offers a concise look at how much battery is used in performing certain tasks. Most of us are aware that playing an aesthetically-sharp, high-tempo multiplayer title over 3G is not an economic way of using the device, but Battery Doctor will give you a pretty specific estimation of how much usage you’ll get from using specific apps at your current battery level.

Battery Doctor 2

A lot of apps guesstimate how long you’ll be able to keep your device alive, but with Battery Doctor, you’ll be in no doubt about which apps or tasks will run things down quicker.

Just like a real doc, Battery Doctor could be a real life-saver, and although many of us appreciate the number of tasks we can perform on a mobile device, without enough battery, they’re essentially useless.

Battery Doctor 1

It’s definitely one you’ll want in the inventory, and here’s a link to its Google Play Store home:

(Source: Battery Doctor for Android on Google Play)

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