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Rumors associated to the Sony PlayStation Phone have been running wild lately, leaked photos of which we have already seen. The Sony PlayStation Phone, which has been codenamed as Zeus has recently made its first video appearance and as the name predicts, this video comes from somewhere in Greece.

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There’s a new TV set to be in town and the brains behind it are confident or at least preparing hard to give Apple TV and the Google TV a tough challenge. We are talking about the rumors associated to Microsoft’s own TV subscription in the pipeline.

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AirPlay was introduced with iOS 4.2.x which allowed users to stream audio, video and photos via supported iOS devices so that you can watch them on your television sets (using Apple TV). This feature though came with its share of limitations, the primary being the lack of support for third-party apps, and audio-only streaming from Safari.

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Two heads are better then one and the same can be applied to two Kinect units. Now what good sort of gaming quality would the two Kinect units provide when paired together is another story but Oliver Kreylos has paired them for a different purpose. Kreylos released a video recently demonstrating the two paired Kinects, the output being meshed to add a different dimension to Microsoft’s gaming device.

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