Apple’s Christmas 2011 Store Displays Shows Off What The iPad Can Do [VIDEO]

It’s Christmas, the time when families come together, friends drink too much together and people go to Apple Stores to buy iPads, iPod touches and if you’re really lucky, an iPhone.

Apple’s brick and mortar stores are iconic, not just because they look absolutely gorgeous in a shopping center or precinct that is more than likely full of boring-looking clothes shops or, if you’re really unlucky, a Microsoft Store, but also because they sell Apple gear quicker than you can say ‘record quarter’.

As part of Apple’s plans to sell more gear than ever this holiday season, its stores have been decked out with what appear to be huge iPads in store windows. What the iPads are there to do is really rather simple – show the buying public just what an iPad can do, and more importantly, why they need one in their life.

As this video shows, courtesy of TiPb, the displays run through a routine which aims to make anyone who is at on the fence rush out and buy an Apple tablet.

The first part of the sequence shows the iPad’s Photos app, complete with seasonal photos of kids playing in the snow. Really, doesn’t that image alone make you want to rush out and buy an iPad? No?

How about the next sequence, which takes the ever-popular Flipboard and puts it front and center? The app is shown off by opening an article complete with a large color photo of some food, which makes everything better. You want to sell an iPad? You put noms on it, that’s a well known sales technique. Really.

After Flipboard we move onto more cooking-related wares, which if you’re not forced to buy an iPad, will at least make the restaurant around the corner do a roaring trade!

Finally the whole 2-minute sequence ends with a spot of ‘Cut The Rope’ which we all know so well. Love it or hate it, Cut The Rope is one of the most popular games in the iTunes App Store, and is well on its way to becoming the next "Angry Birds”.

It’s really coming to something when we’re analyzing Apple’s window dressing, isn’t it? We suspect nobody is doing the same for the local Microsoft Store.

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