Apple Revises Suit Versus Amazon Over ‘App Store’ Trademark Misuse

Apple appears to have gotten itself riled up with yet another copyright infringement claim – this time aimed at Amazon and its misuse of the ‘App Store’ moniker.

Amazon Apple

Earlier this year, the rather lawsuit-happy Cupertino outfit dealt Amazon an initial complaint after the United States’ largest e-tailer launched its "Appstore for Android", which Apple’s lawyers claimed was mightily close to its own "App Store" name, for which it has a trademark pending.

Apple has now, though, come through with a revised complaint after Amazon removed the "for Android", simply calling it "Amazon Appstore".

If Amazon’s looking for a little free promotion of the fact it is now selling Android apps as well as pretty much everything else, then Tim Cook’s regiment of lawyers are duly obliging. If anything, Amazon is testing the resolve of Apple – like a Matador waving a red rag to a bull; and it’s working.

App Store iTunes logo

After all, the Kindle Fire is in direct competition with the iPad, and its low price has enticed many consumers to make the purchase of its new, video-centric tablet device. By elongating this rather trivial disagreement with the fruit company, it too gains a little extra publicity.

Do you, our army of readers, think Apple deserves the rights to "App Store"? For me, ‘app’ is an abbreviation of application, and can refer to a variety of platforms as opposed to just iOS and OS X. Microsoft firmly oppose the idea of Apple being granted the trademark on the basis of it being a "generic" phrase that all competing should be able to use, and you wouldn’t bet against Amazon and Google reflecting those sentiments, either.

With all said and done, Apple should be concentrating more on repairing the rather pants battery retention on iOS 5 – which itself was delayed greatly in release – as opposed to helping promote a rival product with this rather nonsensical pursuit.

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