Apple Requesting Official Hardware Resellers To Put Aside Additional Display Space For iPad Before September 12

Although we are yet to hear of any official confirmation from Apple about the rumored September 12th press event, everything which we are hearing from various sources seems to suggest that we might be in for a little more than we had initially bargained for when the day eventually comes around. Previous speculation had suggested that the media event is definitely going to be taking place on the aforementioned date, but would more than likely be to introduce the world to the next-generation iPhone and possibly announce the immediate availability of iOS 6 for supported older-generation devices.

If the internet chatter we are hearing right now is anything to go by then it looks like Tim Cook and his band of merry men may have a little more in store for us than we had imagined. According to various sources in Europe who operate retail stores and are official resellers for Apple hardware and accessories, the Cupertino company have been requesting that they make additional space on their displays in order to show off more iPads than would normally be set up for.

Some of the sources have stipulated that they have been given a deadline of September 12th to have the additional display space available, while others have confirmed that they are already well underway in freeing up the additional iPad space by removing some Mac Pro and Mac mini computers out of the way as well as sacrificing some of the iPod devices. At this moment in time we don’t really have any real confirmation of why this order has been given, or what it could mean for the future, but the fact that the speculated dates coincide with when we are expecting the Apple announcement is surely to much to be a coincidence.

We have heard in the past that some were expecting Apple to use the media event to reveal their iPad Mini to the world. Although it had generally been accepted in the last few weeks that this probably wouldn’t happen and we would need to settle for just the iPhone announcement. Maybe the tables of fortune have turned yet again in our favor and the baby iPad will eventually see the light of day.

(via MacRumors)

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