Apple Planning To Launch Netflix-Style Streaming Subscription Service For Gaming [Report]

Apple is working on launching a new app subscription for games, according to a new report by Cheddar. The service, which is apparently still in the early days of being planned out, will cost an as-yet unconfirmed amount of money.

We knew last year that Apple had been speaking to some developers surrounding app subscriptions, although at the time it was thought that the company was simply trying to push developers towards having their games and apps monetized via subscription models, rather than out-right fees.

Now, according to this new report, it appears that Apple was actually sounding developers out about the possibility of bringing them on-board.

It’s not yet clear how game developers responded to the suggestion, nor which developers were sounded out specifically. Cheddar says that it spoke to five people familiar with the matter, and we can only assume that at least some of those were game developers.

It’s no secret that Apple is trying to find ways to accurate repeating services revenue at a time where iPhone sales are slowing. It’s upcoming video streaming service is a fine example of that, and the suggestion that games may also gain a subscription model via Apple is not something that hasn’t been suggested before.

According to two of the sources mentioned in the report, Apple has suggested becoming a publisher of sorts, handling marketing and other costs for developers who would normally be left to foot the bill themselves.

Apple has made great strides to increase its editorial numbers in order to improve App Store recommendations and discoverability, and this is something that could be brought to bear if such a subscription was to come to fruition.

Ultimately, if it’s still early days for such a subscription as is suggested here, we might have to wait a good while yet before anything is announced. If, of course, it ever happens.

(Source: Cheddar)

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