Apple Planning To Debut A “Killer” iOS 7 App At WWDC [Report]

Like every software vendor, Apple likes to impress users of iOS with one or a number of so-called "killer" apps, and while some have gone down particularly well in recent years, others, like iOS 6’s Apple Maps, have fared decidedly worse. With iOS 7 now in the works for release later this year, we’re expecting some significant changes to the look and feel of the Cupertino’s mobile OS in general, but aside from a lot of blogosphere-fuelled bluster, we’ve heard precious few details with regards to what exactly we should be expecting. Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty has sought to shed some light on the matter by revealing that she expects the Tim Cook-led outfit to unveil a “killer app” in the form of a mobile wallet. More details can be found right after the jump.

Although Passbook, which arrived along with iOS 6, allows users to store digitally their boarding passes, store credit vouchers, tickets and so forth, it’s nowhere near the kind of functionality users on some Android devices can currently enjoy. Most of Samsung’s recent devices, for example, pack NFC technology, and with the Korean company having signed up for a deal with Visa to implement the finance company’s software into 100 million devices by the end of the year, Apple is certainly lagging way behind.


As we know, none of the current iOS device range any kind of mobile payment system, let alone NFC, but if Huberty’s comments are indeed founded by truth, we could be about to see a fleet of next-gen devices offering an easy way for consumers to pay for goods in a seamless, digital fashion.

It’s often said that it takes an Apple to push forth technologies, even if they’re already in existence, and with the financial industry seemingly dragging its heels on widespread NFC payment systems, it may well be that a next-gen, an NFC-enabled iPhone could help the world to properly acquaint itself with the wonders of contactless payments.

iOS wallet passbook

With Google Wallet having been quite a bit less successful than many of the search giant’s other apps, there’s also scope for one-upmanship here, and with Passbook having not really taken off at all either, a new wallet system from Apple may well prove pivotal.

We just have to wait till this year’s WWDC and every rumor and speculation will be crystal clear.


(Source: CNet)

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