Apple Looking To Release 55” OLED TV That Will Allow Users To Stream TV Shows, Music & Video Via iTunes [Report]

According to a new report, Apple is working out deals with both part makers and content creators to bring a full-sized 55-inch OLED TV to shelves, which in line with previous rumors that suggested that Apple was working on a similar product. Could we see an actual television from Apple in the future?


Apple Television Concept Render

According to the tipster, Apple is in discussion with LG, who currently manufactures displays for Mac computers, about building screens for a future Apple-branded 55-inch OLED TV. LG has recently announced its plans to start producing OLED screens in a low capacity late in 2012, therefore Apple could perhaps be one of its first customers.

Although we don’t yet know what the new Apple TV will look like, the source claims that it will allow users to stream TV shows, music and video all over the network, presumably using the iTunes service, eliminating the need for a cable subscription altogether. In order for this product to be successful, however, the range of content available would have to be greatly enhanced.

Thankfully, Apple seems to be working on obtaining more content as well. According to the same source, the Cupertino based company has been working on cutting deals to bring American TV shows to more international iTunes Stores. Currently, only users based in very few countries can purchase that type of content, but if Apple manages to cut deals with content producers to make content available internationally, the service will become just as appealing in other countries. We don’t yet know in which countries Apple is planning to make TV shows available in, but Australia is allegedly on the list.


Scott Sutherland, an Wedbush Securities Inc. analyst, has weighed in on the news, claiming that Apple plans to obtain more video content and enhance its delivery:

Part of the ecosystem of Apple’s future is to include more video,

Earlier this week, rumors began flying around that Apple could be planning to buy Hulu, US-only online TV service. While that report has been dismissed by many, today’s news make an acquisition slightly more likely as Apple ramps up its efforts to enhance its content portfolio.

Apple currently sells a product known as the Apple TV, a small set-top box that plays content wirelessly from iTunes. While this product hasn’t been much of a hit, could a full-fledged 55-inch TV work?

Apple TV

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