Apple Is Giving Away This $3 Sleep And Relaxation App For Free As Its App Of The Week

It’s that time of the week once again when Apple gives away a paid iOS app to iPhone and iPad users totally free-of-cost. Usually costing $2.99 on the App Store, today’s title dubbed “Flowing ~ Meditation & Mindfulness” offers what many of you may struggle to find in your busy lives; peace and relaxation.

Such is the lifestyle these days that while you may catch a break from your work or personal commitments, seldom will you find that perfect spot to unwind where the noise of the world around you can be kept out of your head. Flowing ~ Meditation & Mindfulness is the perfect app to help isolate yourself from the world around you and truly relax, and if you must, even meditate. This is the first time the title has shed its price tag, so it’s definitely worth a look.


Those of you who have tried out apps of this nature before would be well aware that you don’t know what silence and relaxation means till you cut off your audio sensory from the world around you and tune into white noise ambiance. In the instance of Flowing ~ Meditation & Mindfulness app, you have much more than just white noise, with 3D audio and that too at very high quality to give you an immersive feeling.

Imagine you could sleep outside in nature instead and enjoy the sights and sounds of wonderful streams, waterfalls & rivers recorded in psychoacoustic 3D for headphones. As if you were there. And if you felt like it, imagine you could mix in some extra 3D nature sounds such as rain on a tent or birds in the trees around you. Get the great sleep you deserve.

Coming back to the beautiful 3D sounds, the developer says the sounds of flowing water and nature were recorded using a psychoacoustic microphone which is as close to reality as one can get from an audio perspective. To put it in detail, psychoacoustic audio uses “the same principles that work for 3D movies and 3D glasses also work for 3D sound with stereo headphones. All audio is perfectly looped and encoded in AAC for a fantastic listening experience.”


If you have trouble focusing, or getting yourself the right amount of nap time, or simply want to phase out once in a while, then Flowing ~ Meditation & Mindfulness app deserves a place on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch’s Home screen

(Download: Flowing ~ Meditation & Mindfulness for iPhone and iPad from the App Store)

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