Apple Fanboys Already Lining Up Outside 5th Avenue Store For iPhone 6 [Video]

Every year, extreme Apple enthusiasts (I think they’re known as fanboys) queue up outside the company’s retail outlets across the world to be among the first to get hold of the next iPhone. Even though we’re still one week away from the announcement of the iPhone 6 – perhaps two or three weeks from the actual retail date – certain folks are already setting up camp at the flagship 5th Avenue store.

Given the lengthy waiting involved, one has to wonder if these individuals even have jobs, and if not, how they’re able to spend so much on a device that is likely to arrive at a significant premium this time around. Still, given that we’re now at the home stretch of the annual waiting game, the Next Big Thing should be ready to roll-out mid-month, although anybody queuing in hope of securing the larger, 5.5-inch configuration is likely to be very disappointed.


As we’ve heard a number of times already, the more sizeable version of the iPhone 6 – otherwise known as the iPhone Air or iPhone 6L – has been delayed considerably, and while Apple is likely to unveil the device at next week’s special event, it almost certainly won’t ship until next month.

Still, the fact that the entry-level device will include a 4.7-inch display will surely be enough of a jump for most folks, and although last year’s iPhone 5s brought us Touch ID, a 64-bit SoC and a gold color option, the next installment will take things to a whole new dimension.

Whilst we’re excited about the impending announcement here at Redmond Pie, though, we certainly wouldn’t queue for a full six days before the announcement, and would much rather spend the next six days at our comfortable desks waiting for everything to kick off.

iPhone 6 line 2

iPhone 6 line

Apple sent out invitations last week, and in a change from the usual Yerba Buena venue, opted for the Flint Center of Performing Arts in Cupertino. With the small matter of the iWatch allying the two new iPhones, there’s much to be looking forward to, and although we don’t expect the company’s inaugural smartwatch to release until next year, it’ll be nice to finally clap eyes on it.

Of course, some of these early queuers are simply trying to draw publicity for whichever organization they happen to represent.

Still, two weeks out on the streets for an iPhone 6?

No thanks.

(Source: CNBC)

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