Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak’s Geek Backpack Puts Anybody Else’s To Shame [PHOTO]

As a technology aficionado, I do carry around some description of gadget at all times. When traveling, I am seldom without my MacBook, laptop, iPhone, iPad, and when my Nexus 7 arrives, that’ll likely be following me around everywhere, too. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, or Woz, as he is usually referred, puts mine, and most of our piddly collections to shame, and on unveiling the contents of his travel bag to Gizmodo, has pretty much every tech gadget possible, with one or two eyebrow-raisers thrown in for good measure.

Although he admits one of two of the items are stored in his suitcase or carried by his wife Janet when on his travels, the majority of it stays in his backpack, and the list is quite something.

Weighing in at an impressive 50 pounds, Woz’s backpack packs in everything from Geekdom and beyond, and as well as multiple iPhones, iPads, and a MacBook Pro, he has an assortment of cables and connectors, a Bluetooth mouse, binoculars, foreign AC adapters, prism glasses for watching movies in bed, sunglasses, and earplugs for concerts.

As well as keeping an infinite number of pens and pencils, some of the more intriguing finds in the bag include Gameboy Light(s) (a device which, according to Woz, only retailed in Japan), Gameboy link cables, an Amazon Kindle, a couple of mute watches, Droid RAZR, Galaxy Nexus (x2), 4G Mi-Fi (x2), and his and hers iPod nanos, complete with the wrist straps.

There are plenty of other goodies inside – those are merely some of the highlights – and if you ever found, when going through customs, the TSA takes quite a bit of time going through your electronics, spare a thought for Woz, who often requires seven bins in order for his electronic gadgets to make it through the gate.

With so much stuff, one might think he doesn’t get around to using all of it, but the gadgets, which Woz describes as "customary" always get used at least once:

Nothing in my backpack goes unused, although the Bluetooth mouse is close.

Check out the shot below depicting the contents of Woz’s bag in all its glory. It’s certainly an enviable amount of gadgets to own, but surely we couldn’t imagine carrying all that timber around with us, could we?


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