Apple And Samsung In Talks With Carriers To Bring e-SIM Solution To Phones

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce an Apple SIM-like solution for the iPhone lineup, and is already in talks with various cellular carriers to make it happen. That’s not all, it appears that Samsung is also part of these talks looking to bring an e-SIM solution to its own Galaxy lineup of devices.

When Apple announced the iPad Air 2 last year with the Apple SIM, it literally took consumers by surprise given how easy it made to shift from one carrier to another. What was not surprising however, was the lack of true support from carriers, with only three players supporting Apple’s e-SIM solution. With the device in question being a tablet, the limited carrier options were not much of a concern, but the Apple SIM ship will have to be boarded by more than just a handful of carriers if it is to be a success on the iPhone.


It remains unclear if the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus will be launched with the Apple SIM, though rumors and unconfirmed reports have put an e-SIM – amongst other changes – in the upcoming smartphone. Last year when Greg Joswiak was asked about Apple’s plan for pushing the Apple SIM to iPhones, he explained that the solution was more needed on the iPad given that the range of tablets are sold at Apple Stores and through non-carrier channels, unlike the iPhone where majority of the sales are recorded through carrier channels rather than Apple itself.

Meanwhile, Samsung is also looking to join Apple in introducing a similar solution for its phones and cellular capable tablets, but both these giants are likely to face some significant resistance. The presence of an embedded SIM with support for multiple networks pretty much eats away at the control that carriers otherwise exercise over our devices.


There’s no word on which carriers Apple or Samsung have approached, and if any of them will support this new drive towards an embedded SIM solution. We do already have AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile supporting Apple SIM for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 in the United States, but we can’t be sure if they’ll also jump onboard the iPhone or Samsung projects.

(Source: FinancialTimes)

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