Anthropic Launches A Claude AI Chatbot For iPhone And iPad

As Apple gets ready to unveil the iOS 18 software update with new AI features in June, AI research company Anthropic has made its Claude iOS app available on the iPhone and iPad.

The app is a chatbot similar to that offered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

The new app works by using large language models to learn how to process information, with the Claude app offering seamless syncing of chats and more. The app is also available free of charge, too.

  • Seamless syncing with web chats: Pick up where you left off across devices.
  • Vision capabilities: Use photos from your library, take new photos, or upload files so you can have real-time image analysis, contextual understanding, and mobile-centric use cases on the go.
  • Open access: Users across all plans, including Pro and Team, can download the app free of charge.

Those who want to download the app can now take it for a spin via the App Store now.

As for Apple, it’s thought to be in talks with OpenAI and Google about using their ChatGPT and Gemini generative AI models, respectively.

It’s believed that the AI features offered in iOS 18 will initially use Apple’s own software and run directly on the iPhone rather than use a cloud-based component as is normally the case. It’s likely that any deal with OpenAI or Google will see the companies provide that server-based component.

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