Achievements List For Halo 4 Revealed

The holiday shopping season is always a time of year that those involved in the gaming industry look forward to. The season of giving generally notches up a rather large spike in the sales of gaming consoles, new titles and accessories as family and friends look for that gift to give the person who already has everything. It’s always the same for people who I am close to, if they can’t think of a gift to get me then they generally fall back onto a new PlayStation 3 game or the latest Xbox 360 release.

This year will be no different, but that might not be a bad thing considering the next installment in the magnificent Halo franchise is due for worldwide release on November 6th, just in time for this eager shoppers to get their hands on it. Fans of the series and gamers in general will be waiting for this one with an unprecedented level of excitement as those who have religiously purchased each release pray that Hal0 4 takes the game to the next level and cements itself as the most impressive release yet.


If you happen to be like me and become extremely impatient when waiting for something that you feel so passionately and strongly about – and let’s be honest, the Halo franchise does invoke passion amongst serious gamers – then you will be stalking the internet trying to find out new information about what to expect in the game, getting a glimpse of some never before seen visuals or even trying to get a sneak peek at all of the wonderful achievements you can obtain from playing the game. If the latter of those is what interests you the most, then 343 Industries have you covered with the posting of the complete achievements list from Halo 4.

Coming courtesy of The Halo Bulletin, the team have announced details of the official Halo Soundtrack that has been composed and produced by Neil Davidge in conjunction with Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries as well as publishing the exhaustive list of achievements and the points the player will gain for completing each one. Completing the solo campaign on legendary difficulty will notch your a whopping 90 points, whereas taking out both hunters with the Sticky Detonator in mission 7 of the solo campaign will only get you 20. We won’t divulge anymore of this lovely information, but if you are the type who doesn’t like spoilers and prefers to find out these things for yourself through exhaustive gameplay then don’t look at the graphic.


(source: Halo Waypoint | via Neowin)

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