A lap around Visual Studio 2010 and .Net 4.0 Beta 1

The Beta bits of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 were released yesterday to MSDN subscribers. Visual Studio 2010 is designed in a rich and modern way to make it easier for both the developers and designers to build innovative applications in a more natural way. Here is a quick rundown on the new Visual Studio 2010 IDE:

I took these screenshots on a Windows 7 machine under Vista Mode using Windows Virtual PC, hence no Aero Glass..

Installation: Looks very similar to the one in Visual Studio 2008.







F# is now included as a part of Visual Studio 2010.




Splash Screen: Visual Studio Team System 2010


Choosing the Default Environment Settings when Visual Studio is launched for the very first time.




The new slick looking Start Page in Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1.


More from the new Start Page…


Creating a new C# WPF Application..


Creating a new F# Application.


Includes the new .NET Framework 4.0




About: Visual Studio Team System 2010




The Toolbox..


Color Picker: Properties panel now includes a built-in color picker pretty much like what we have right now in Expression Blend. (Thanks to Imran for the tip!)


The code behind file.