5 Reasons Why You Should Update To iOS 9

We’ve finally hit that point in Apple’s annual calendar when consumers are faced with a rather important decision. “Do I take the plunge and upgrade to Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 9?”

We’re going to take a quick look at five compelling reasons that suggest updating to iOS 9 should be on everyone’s agenda.

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Better Battery Life

Power is an extremely precious commodity on mobile devices. There are few things worse in the world of portable technology than being right in the middle of something important and seeing the last few percent drain away from your iPhone or iPad with no access to a power source. Thankfully, iOS 9 introduces a new Low Power Mode that attempts to do slow that drain down. When activated, the newly introduced feature will conserve battery life as much as possible by only polling power intensive processes where absolutely necessary.


The new iOS 9 feature essentially forces the device to intelligently manage its power usage, albeit at some cost. Power provided to background processes and animations is limited, push email is temporarily restricted, background application refresh is disabled, etc. Anything that unnecessarily wants to consume battery, but doesn’t prevent the device from functioning as it should, is paused to provide potentially another 60 minutes of standby.

Saves Storage Space

One of the great improvements in iOS 9, and one that received a rapturous round of applause during this year’s WWDC, is App Thinning. It may sound like Apple has decided to put third-party applications on a calorie controlled diet, but is way more than that. The App Store and underlying iOS platform now optimize the installation of iOS applications by only providing functionality that’s tailored to the device that it’s being installed on. This is particularly useful and extremely beneficial to those who will be running the new OS on an 8GB or 16GB device.


Powerful Multitasking On iPad

iOS 9 is great, but iOS 9 on the iPad is sure to be the best thing since, well, since iOS 8 on the iPad probably. The iPad-only features within iOS 9 will make Apple’s tablet feel like a brand new device. Split View mode allows more than one application to be displayed at any given time. Slide Over lets you be even more productive by quickly bringing a second app into play for a brief time for the purpose of reading an incoming message or responding to an email. Then there’s the new Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode that lets users shrink down a video to continue watching while completing other tasks.

Split View

It’s multitasking on steroids and it’s going to reinvent how the iPad feels to those using it, especially iPad Pro users.

Super-Charged Siri

Sir’s iOS 9-only features will really push the digital assistant to next level. Apple has attempted to make Siri a lot more proactive, bringing with it a deeper integration into the operating system and making the assistant a lot more aware of the individual using the device. In iOS 9 Siri will be capable of utilizing data within installed apps to provide refined suggestions based on the commands it receives. There’s also security implementations that cater to users privacy concerns.

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There’s also a very simple walkthrough wizard that trains Apple’s digital assistant to the users voice, will also ensure that Siri on iOS 9 is the best yet.

Performance Improvements

Apple is becoming increasingly keen to stress that both hardware and software are designed and developed by the Cupertino-based company. It’s an extremely unique selling point that not many companies can actually play on. If you have one of the newer iOS devices, the under-the-hood changes in iOS 9 will give what will be extremely noticeable performance improvement over iOS 8.

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