2023 Tesla Cybertruck Updated Design Seen Driving Around California

Tesla isn’t expected to be able to get the Cybertruck into the hands of all that many people until mass production begins in 2024, but the almost-finished design is rolling around California already.

A new, slightly tweaked version of the Cybertruck has been seen driving around Palo Alto with some notable tweaks here and there.

The Cybertruck was spotted, filmed, and then uploaded to Instagram before finding its way onto YouTube. You can watch the video yourself below, and here is what we think has changed this year.

First, there are side-view mirrors for the first time. The previous Cybertruck prototypes either had no mirrors or big boxy ones. They’ve now been replaced by triangular ones that definitely look much more in keeping with the overall aesthetic. Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that they can be removed, too.

Next, the brake lights don’t seem include the rear light bar although it isn’t clear whether that was intentional here or not. It’s possible that the lightbar only kicks in when the headlights are on, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Finally, one of the rear windows is open in the video and we can see that it goes all the way down. That wouldn’t normally be a notable thing, but the Model 3’s wheel arch stops that from happening. Here, not so much.

While mass production isn’t kicking in until next year, some deliveries are still expected to take place this summer despite the fact nobody knows the final configuration or pricing.

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