1Password For iOS, Android, Windows And OS X Is The Perfect App For Storing All Your Personal Codes And Digits Securely

Passwords are great mechanisms in protecting our private, sensitive data against the prying eye. However, with most entities setting different prerequisites – some want a capital letter, symbol or at least 8 characters, while other aren’t so fussy – we end up with several passwords or codes inscribed on our minds. From a security point of view, having different passwords for different e-mail addresses, bank logins and sites is a great thing, since it means if somebody compromises one account, they won’t necessarily manage to infiltrate others. However, remembering them all can be a pain in the backside, but with 1Password for iOS, Android, Windows and OS X, you can keep all of them stored securely, for whenever you need them.

It has been around for quite a while, and is a one-stop location for storing all your passwords, or any critical or sensitive information for that matter, in one place. But for those who haven’t encountered 1Password at any point hitherto, perhaps a small amount of background info is required.

1Password iOS

1Password keeps every password in one convenient, secure location. Enter your password once, and you’ll never need to memorize it – meaning you can go for a random assortment of meaningless characters, should you so wish. Everything is protected with military-grade encryption, protecting from any potential unauthorized access by third parties.


The app collects up your sensitive data automatically when accessing sites with passwords, PIN numbers, logins and web addresses, as well as credit card information. It offers a built-in web browser, if you’re on iOS, and as well as its automatic data collation measures, one can easily enter passwords and information manually. Once data is stored, it takes only one click on an entry to open the corresponding website – logging you in automatically.


With 1Password on tow, you’ll always have your important passwords and logins safely by your side thanks to the sophisticated encryption system. As well as the in-built Web browser, it also offers support for both Dropbox and iCloud sync, and in terms of usability, it’s a seamless app to behold.

It costs $49.99 for the OS X and Windows version, and $7.99 for the iOS version, and the Android version is free, but in my opinion, you cannot put a price on overall security, and by having 1Password on your device, you’ll be much less of a target.

Bear in mind that the Android version simply serves as a reader for the Windows and Mac counterparts.

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