Your iPhone Case Says A Lot About Your Personality [Infographic]

What does your iPhone case say about you? Perhaps you’ve never thought about it. But in actual fact, if you look between the lines, patterns and vibrant colors which envelop our treasured Apple smartphones, you may notice that actually, the specifics of a device’s cover/case/shell is something people take more seriously than they’d perhaps like to admit. Mashable has put together a rather interesting, slightly humorous infographic looking into the numerous different types of cases, and what they tell people about the individual in ownership of the device. Does your iPhone case offer a fair reflection of your personality? Check the infographic after the jump for more info!

What I do find rather amusing about this infographic, is that although it’s based on stereotypes and is meant to be a bit of fun, I actually do find myself casting aspersions about others when looking at their smartphone cases.


This infographic picks up on all the most common. You’ve your all-round minimalist, who’ll rather sensibly keep things clean, simple and light; you’re nerd, most probably of whom will be sporting a Gameboy, Marvel or similarly geeky memento; and the archetypal adult child, who’ll still be, quite literally, clutching on to Disney, Hello Kitty, or something else that only kids under the age of eights ought to be into.

Perhaps, after this, you may want to re-think the kind of case you readily stick to the back and sides of your device, particularly since some people, such as the folks of Mashable, seem take a great deal of notice. As for me, I think I’ll give the Iron Man Mark VII Suit case a little downtime – don’t want people to think that I’m a nerd or anything!

Where do you fit in on this scale – are you a bit of a minimalist, hipster, or even a diva? Chances are, if you’re following our coverage here at Redmond Pie, you’re probably a bit of a geek. Don’t worry, we’re all friends here, and we won’t tell your ‘badass’ buddies that you spend an unholy amount of time checking out tech news! Promise!

You can check out the infographic below, and be sure to leave your opinions and thoughts in the comments section!


(Source: Mashable)

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